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Entrepreneurs urged to use whatsapp for business

Entrepreneurs have been urged to use whatsapp for business as a tool to grow their small businesses and communicate directly with their customers. Experts from Digify Africa and the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) hosted a masterclass on Wednesday to equip small business and media entrepreneurs with the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. The learning outcomes from the masterclass included how to create a catalogue to showcase products and services; ways to integrate whatsapp into ads and how to craft a messaging strategy and tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages. Digital Marketing Strategist, Blessing Letsoara, addressed small business owners and media entrepreneurs on how they can use whatsapp for business to their advantage and grow their businesses and customer base while at it. Letsoara said whatsapp is powerful for businesses when used intentionally and messaging has become an indispensable part of modern communication. He said expectations for businesses have changed as people will choose messaging over picking up their phone and making a call to enquire about a product from a certain business. He said according to research, 89% of respondents expect a brand to respond to them within 24 hours and this can be made possible if a business is utilising whatsapp for business. Taking the class through steps on how to use the app to their advantage, he said: When you download the app, you have to use a different number from your personal one. Insert a new sim and download whatsapp for business and thats the number you will use with the app. You can have both your personal whatsapp with your personal number and the business one with a different number on the same mobile cell phone. It is also possible to change your personal number to a business whatsapp. Once the app is downloaded, you have to create a business profile where you will put in the details of the business and what you can offer to your clients. Create an automated greeting message for when your customers send an enquiry. You can also set up quick replies for frequently asked questions, he said. Letsoara said it is important to set up an away message, which can be switched on and off. This can be set up for when the business is closed so that customers receive the message when the business is not available to answer immediately. Another important aspect that will get you more customers is putting up a status on your business account. It is important and efficient when you have a sale or any new products you are selling. It makes communication easy for your customers. I encourage you to start using the whatsapp business app. Letsoara also taught the class some of the best practices for responding to messages on whatsapp. He said business owners must be responsive, monitor trends, set expectations and know how to answer sensitive questions. Another important thing, you must write the way you speak, dont be robotic, write the way you would normally communicate with people, he said. Letsoara urged entrepreneurs to also craft a WhatApp strategy that will help take their businesses to greater heights, and also help in understating their target audience.

nov 18 2021 6:54pm
SA CX platform inQuba first to launch integrated whatsapp chat

Leading SA customer experience (CX) company inQuba announced the launch of a fully integrated whatsapp chat feature on their platform - the first of its kind. Founded in 2010 by Michael Renzon (CEO) and Managing Director Trent Rossini, inQuba featured in Ventureburn in 2020 after closing an expansion capital round featuring Knife Capital and Rand Merchant Bank (RMB ). In a statement to Ventureburn, MD Rossini discussed the round and how it impacted this expansion. The combined Knife and RMB investments allow us to scale our international sales, marketing, partner network and go-to-market capability, while further developing the inQuba platform features. Were fortunate that our investors have a global mindset and reach to optimise our next stage of growth, he clarified. The whatsapp chat integration inQubas Saas Journey Management platform helps companies understand the journeys their users go on while using several communication channels (call centres, email, internet and chat platforms like whatsapp) by helping to initiate a conversation with the customer wherever they are in that journey and inputting user feedback to analyse and implement next steps. This enables businesses to engage customers conversationally at key points in the customer journey and nudge them forward by obtaining feedback on their experience with the company or sending them the information they need or providing information for them to complete, for example, a new insurance application. This helps to reduce pressure on call centres and other administrative teams. Information gathered from the whatsapp channel is filtered into the company backend where relevant teams can take action, Rossini told Ventureburn. The whatsapp and SMS features are integrated into the platforms existing mobile engagement suite (enabled for whatsapp business-registered numbers), offering users SMS-to-mobile web surveys, email-to-mobile web surveys and app-embedded surveys and allowing companies to give customers an experience unique to their business. inQuba is unique in its ability to bring together these very diverse datasets, trigger digital interventions and build up an attitudinal profile of customers. It is only through this deep understanding that end-customers can be understood and obstacles eliminated for them as they work towards their goal of buying products, being serviced or renewing their contracts across telcos, retailers and financial services companies, Rossini explained. inQuba has several developments laid out for the near future. We have a large development underway to expand the digital channels that can be seamlessly ingested into the inQuba platform. It will be possible to be able to track display adverts, through to company website logins, through to call centre calls, on to social media chats, linking all this data together and overlaying this with deep insights on the end customers view on value delivery. The platform is underpinned by strong machine learning capabilities that make sense of the unstructured text and provide insight into the effective and ineffective journey paths, Rossini detailed. The companys social impact is reflected in its resilience and refusal to lay off workers during the pandemic. Rossini explained that inQuba is fortunate to employ highly skilled individuals that can leverage their tremendous skills globally during this trying time. During the Covid period, we were able to retain all staff and are now growing. This cascading effect of having high-income earners generating income and attracting global revenue streams strengthens the SA economy, he concluded.

jul 26 2021 7:14pm
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Local fintech partners with Infobip to create SAs first whatsapp payment gateway

Joburg-based fintech startup Ukheshe Technologies and Infobip , a global cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey at scale, have worked together to develop the country's first whatsapp payment gateway. Clayton Hayward, co-founder, and CEO of Ukheshe comments on creating the latest state-of-the-art payment development. We are thrilled that through various working associations we are able to assist organisations to address financial literacy and inclusion. The chat banking solution empowers end customers by giving them access to the Internet, an efficient and secure digital wallet, while meeting Know your Customer (KYC) requirements. The digital wallet will also be able to link to other cards, add virtual cards, pay or get paid with a QR code, send money, make cash withdrawals or pay for goods. According to reports, the innovative and new whatsapp payment gateway will be utilised by Telkom. South Africa's first whatsapp payment gateway As the country's first digital wallet platform, the latest innovation is also the first whatsapp channel to enable payments by using QR code reading. Working hand-in-hand Infobip's whatsapp business API solution is leveraged by the South African fintech's cutting-edge Eclipse API integration and is reportedly a first-of-its-kind. The payment gateway allows users to send money to anyone with a mobile number safely and efficiently with no need for an additional app or software as it taps into whatsapp. The collaboration with Infobip forms part of the local fintech's overall aim of expanding its business model internationally to become a global B2B provider of digital-first payment solutions. This solution enables banks, telcos, and fintechs to provide banking and payment services to customers via Ukeshe's solution dubbed 'Chat Banking'. Shaun Van Rooyen, Strategic Accounts and Partnerships Manager at Infobip South Africa, provides insight into the partnership with Ukeshe. It has been a great pleasure to work with Ukheshe on this project. The initiative and wonderful partnership align with our goal of connecting the world. The project is something that we are proud of and want to keep working on to see how we can help Ukheshe do more.

mar 23 2021 5:23pm
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