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Standing on the sidelines when your spouse battles depression can feel like a helpless experience. You might feel confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. You might feel like every attempt you make to "h

12 Oct 2021

When Kabelo, 27, chose a career in electrical engineering he thought getting a job would be easy as it was in high demand. Three years later, armed with a trade test and a couple of internships under

05 Oct 2021

While you may lead a busy life, it can be hard to make room for some quality time for your significant other, even though it is something as simple as sharing a meal or as extravagant a week-long vaca

04 Oct 2021

Tired of having to gaze at a screen for anything from a pub quiz to work calls, Anna Redman and her boyfriend headed to a wooden cabin outside London, locked their phones in a sealed envelope and spen

04 Oct 2021

SA must address the wider structural drivers of poor mental health, specifically poverty, unemployment and violence.

04 Oct 2021

According to a study conducted by sleep research site Savvy Sleeper, SA forms one of the 20 most stressed-out countries in the world. From a total of 69 cities in 53 countries, the city of Johannesbur

09 Sep 2021

Anxiety can leave one feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with day-to-day life. Finding ways to ease anxiety bears several benefits such as improved sleep and renewed strength.

27 Aug 2021

According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag), anxiety disorder is characterised by the overwhelming fear and worry or the extreme feeling of nervousness and unease about somethi

26 Aug 2021

Physical health is one piece of the puzzle that makes up the whole picture of your overall wellbeing. Try these simple exercises to lift your mood and improve your quality of life.

26 Aug 2021

Relationships are an important part of the human experience. More often than not, life is better when shared. However, relationships can get toxic sometimes and this may affect the emotional, mental a

02 Aug 2021

In 2019 and last year the average daily social media user would spend 145 minutes on their devices, which comes to around two hours and 24 minutes every day. Add to this the disruption of the pandemic

19 Jul 2021

Taking care of your mental health is important for your overall wellbeing. With this directory of hotlines and counselling centres, help is always just a call or click away.

05 Jul 2021