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GAIN Calls For Partnership Across Food Value Chain To Tackle Malnutrition

The Executive Director Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Lawrence Haddad, has stated that partnership among stakeholders in the food value chain are important in tackling malnutrition in the country. Haddad, while speaking at the SUN Bus
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01 Mar 2024

I am determined to market Kenyan food across the world

What you need to know:I have learnt to never be scared to attempt anything new. As chefs, we tinker and experiment a lot with new products, presentations, and recipes, often with varying degrees of success. In any case, we gain fresh
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29 Feb 2024

Limpopo family demands justice for deceased learner

The family of a Grade 9 learner, who died after reportedly eating contaminated food at school in Mokopane demands justice. The deceased, a 15-year-old Grade 9 learner from Raleledu Senior Secondary School, had been admitted at hospital after eati
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29 Feb 2024

Ginger shots and okra water fever hits Kenyan women

BusinessDaily Kenyans, especially women, obsessing over ginger, lemon shots and okra water have created a new demand for the three vegetables, causing a spike in prices. If you walk around offices or in Nairobi you may have noticed
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28 Feb 2024

Embrace new breeding techniques for a sustainable food future

Crop qualityTraditional breeding methods have long been instrumental in enhancing crop quality and productivity. Techniques such as crop domestication, hybridisation, and mutagenesis have yielded significant improvements in agricultural yie
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28 Feb 2024

Leveraging Agro-Processing,Storage To Increase FoodSecurity, Earnings (2)

Last week, we discussed agro-processing which refers to the conver­sion of agricultural produce into value-added products, with the advantage of adding value to command higher prices, increased prof­its and longer shelf life. We shall continue the di
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27 Feb 2024

Expert tips for pain-free fitness workouts

Managing aches and pains: Tips for active lifestyles'In an ideal world, our dedication to active living would bring nothing but benefits. However, alongside the positive impact on our overall well-being, our physical activities like workout
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26 Feb 2024

Hermanus hotel adds wellness offering

The Marine Hotel in Hermanus has introduced a Wellness Escape, inviting guests to relax and rejuvenate at the coastal property. Included in the Wellness Escape package is a 45-minute back, neck and shoulders Swedish massage, as well as a 60
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26 Feb 2024

Exclusive Breastfeeding as Reliable Antidote to Infant Ailments, By Hafsat Ibrahim

Exclusive Breastfeeding as Reliable Antidote to Infant Ailments By Hafsat Ibrahim New mothers always experience a mixture of anxiety and excitement as their lives take on a whole new level of activity after hav
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25 Feb 2024

Rally global solidarity to stem grave threat

The biggest global challenge today is climate change. Its impact is being felt everywhere and the consequences are impacting everybody irrespective of their location. This affects health, leading to deaths and illnesses from frequent weather c
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25 Feb 2024