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UN says 2024 decisive to ending AIDS as health threat

Political decisions taken this year will determine whether a target to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030 can be reached, the United Nations said Monday. Figures from 2023 show a drop in new infections and fatalities and improvem
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23 Jul 2024

How I built my dream home balancing budget, creativity and needs

At first, Sia Sambeke wanted a small manageable place, but Kerarapon turned out better and bigger.
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23 Jul 2024

Robby Collins: Come As You Are Tour Nairobi

From the screen to the stage, Robby Collins is what you would consider an all-around entertainer.
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23 Jul 2024

Twisters: Proof Hollywood is out of touch with real world

Twisters is a 2024 American disaster film that exploits its absurd plot to create thrilling moments of absolute genius or idiotic decision making.
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23 Jul 2024

Sacco life cover: How can I activate the silent benefits?

Beyond the fundamental responsibilities that saccos fulfil, they often offer additional, understated benefits such as life cover policies.
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23 Jul 2024

High Mara park fees send tourists to Serengeti as season starts

Harrison Nampaso, the chairman of the Mara Managers Association, says bed occupancy in the lodges currently stands at 70 percent.
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23 Jul 2024

Learner arrives at her matric ball in a coffin - 'This is way out of order'

A learners matric ball is the highlight of their final year in high school. People go out of their way with their outfits, pre-parties and how they go to the ball. Back in the day, being chauffeured in a Mercedes or a sports car
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23 Jul 2024

Phaahla recommits govts plan to have aids completely under control by 2030 at UN conference

Deputy Health Minister Dr Joe Phaahla said the country is taking great strides in the fight against Aids and is on track with its goal of ending the spread of the disease as a public health threat by 2030. Phaahla was speaking at the Uni
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22 Jul 2024

World Brain Day: How lifestyle choices put you at risk of neurological diseases

July 22 is World Brain Day, a day to raise awareness of neurological disorders and promote brain health worldwide. This years theme; Brain Health and Prevention underscores the significance of maintaining a healthy brain as a preventive
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22 Jul 2024

Buss Up Shut Paratha Roti

Buss Up Shut Paratha Roti.This Trinidad and Tobago version ofparatha-style rotiis super soft, delightfully messy, and insanely tasty. Pair it with your favorite curry, and youre one bite away from cloud nine. First, a little l
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22 Jul 2024

Growing for gold: the story of Woolworths ClemenGold mandarins

Winter is often synonymous with cosying up indoors, but it's also the perfect time to indulge in our local bountiful citrus harvest, particularly deliciously sweet ClemenGold mandarins. A source of vitamin C, these sweet and aromatic fru
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22 Jul 2024