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Christian Louboutin designs 250 custom shoes for Taylor Swift 'Eras Tour'

Christian Louboutin designed a whopping 250 custom shoes for Taylor Swifts Eras Tour .The global superstar has worked with the luxury fashion house since her 2018 Reputation Tour, and the 60-year-old designer has revealed the mammoth under
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27 May 2024

Didi, Tarina Patel, Kelly Rowland: best worst dressed, Cannes Film Festival

Didi, Tarina Patel, Kelly Rowland: best worst dressed, Cannes Film Festival See which stars were the main attraction on the red carpets and who is dragging down the fashion scene from days 6 to 12 27 May 2024 - 14:12 Thango Ntwasa Lifestyle Digital E
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27 May 2024

Recipe of the day: Roasted cauliflower tacos

Looking for a vibrant, plant-based meal to spice up your dinner routine? These roasted cauliflower tacos are packed with flavour and sure to delight. This recipe combines crispy cauliflower, tangy cabbage salsa, and a spicy romesco-style
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27 May 2024

Bursaries build the vital bridge to education and a future of possibilities

FREE TO READ | Bursaries build the vital bridge to education and a future of possibilities Education has an important role in helping grow the economy 27 May 2024 - 09:19 Next Article Most read Tailored to perfection The Edit/Fashion & Beauty You
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27 May 2024

The woman who took on supermarkets giant Carrefour -and won

The mother of two previously worked for Coca-Cola and Reckitt Benckiser, the latter as manager for sub-Saharan Africa.
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27 May 2024

Why you should worry about pubic hair loss

Hair growth in the the underarm and pubes is generally considered a marker of normal development into adulthood.
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27 May 2024

I am considering quitting my job because of sexual harassment. What must I do?

Those entrusted with sensitive information such as workplace sexual harassment should treat such information with discretion and for the benefit of those in suffering.
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27 May 2024

Albert's secret to fitness at 56

At 56, Albert's body reflects the goals he set many years ago as a young, skinny man-what he describes as a 'manlier-looking physique'.
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27 May 2024

The harsh reality of how children with special needs have an impact on marriages

Every parent experiences challenges when raising a child, but raising a child with special needs presents even greater obstacles because it demands more financial resources, unwavering patience, and can be mentally taxing.Some parents or co
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26 May 2024

Beauty and brains: Maimanes past - from magazine covers to the pulpit to politics

As elections draw closer, and voters dig deeper on their voting options, others have opted to reminisce and dig up politicians past lives before they stepped into the parliamentary space. Maimanes early life and modelling career
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26 May 2024

Recipe of the day: Pork rashers with sticky plum sauce

Sundays are made for culinary adventures, and this pork rashers with sticky plum sauce recipe is the perfect option to elevate your dining experience. This dish combines succulent pork rashers with a tantalizing plum-infused sauce that w
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26 May 2024

Russel Storey finds joy in his loneliness

There are mountains of sorrow that cannot move; and one way or another, we'll all kneel there.
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26 May 2024