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Avril: This is why I have been away from the limelight

What you need to know: As a mother you are tasked with taking care of life and are responsible for how the child is going to turn out and how they are going to relate with other people. And, there is no manual so you have to learn on
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24 May 2024

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge celebrates 30 years

To mark its 30 th anniversary this year, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge one of Zimbabwes most celebrated establishments is chronicling its vibrant history and looking towards a new era of innovation. Since its inception on December 14, 1994, t
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21 May 2024

Safara out for blood after a sonar swindle

What you need to know: A short while later, the email came through the Hustler had been cleared to supply 1,000 litres of the aquatic herbicide. If I did not have the capacity (money) to do so all in one lot, I could bring it in batc
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17 May 2024

Stop making movies projecting Nigerians as uncivilised Yul Edochie tells Nollywood producers

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has urged filmmakers in the country to desist from making movies that project Nigerians as clowns and uncivilised when they travel abroad. He noted that movie producers are tarnishing the image of the country wit
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17 May 2024

Actress Wanda Banda is inspiring a new generation of dreamers

By Riedwaan JacobsAmidst the glitz and glamour of the bustling entertainment scene, one rising star is captivating audiences with her raw talent and unwavering determination. Meet 24-year-old Wanda Banda, the young actress whose jour
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17 May 2024

Cannes kicks off with powerful showcase of women on screen

The Cannes Film Festival got rolling on Wednesday with a strong day for female representation, including the new Mad Max , a Meryl Streep masterclass and the leading figure of Frances #MeToo movement. Furiosa , the latest instalment of t
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15 May 2024

Watch | 'It feels like AI from the movies': OpenAI unveils ChatGPT-4o

ChatGPT maker OpenAI said on Monday it would release a new AI model called GPT-4o, capable of realistic voice conversation and able to interact across text and image, its latest move to stay ahead in a race to dominate the emerging techn
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14 May 2024

Donald Trump criminal trial braces for Michael Cohen testimony

Donald Trump's criminal trial in New York was expected to hear his former lawyer turned tormentor Michael Cohen testify Monday about his role in what prosecutors say was a cover up of payments to hide an affair.Cohen's testimony follows a b
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13 May 2024

Paradise lost as The Beach dries up

The dazzling Thai holiday islands made famous by the Hollywood film The Beach are facing a severe water shortage following a blistering heatwave across Asia. The Koh Phi Phi archipelago, off the west coast of southern Thailand, draws hun
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13 May 2024

Stormy Daniels denies cashing in on claimed tryst with Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels finished her marathon testimony at Donald Trump's hush money trial on Thursday with attorneys for the former president seeking to paint her as a greedy liar who profited from her allegations.The X-rated film actress, who clai
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10 May 2024