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Kuppet raises red flag over Sh115bn in pension scheme

What you need to know: The PSSS has a membership of about 420,000 who contribute Sh3.6 billion monthly. Teachers make up the majority of the membership. Kuppet nominated its national treasurer as a trustee on January 23, 202
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15 Apr 2024

Fix county pension woes

Public service retirees are staring at a bleak future with no financial security after they leave employment. They will be off the payrolls in the 47 counties and will struggle to make ends meet as it is highly unlikely that they will receive
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15 Apr 2024

We are living longer how to plan for a long retirement

We are living longer and that means we have to plan for a longer retirement than our parents did for example. The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2030 one in six people worldwide will be 60 or older and the number of individuals aged 8
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13 Apr 2024

Payslips shame as many civil servants take home less than third of salary

Nation Media Group Hard economic times marked by increased taxes, statutory and loan deductions have left tens of thousands of workers taking home literally nothing as their payslips are left depleted, which has increased cases of depressi
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13 Apr 2024

More retirement savings going offshore - survey

Institutional investment funds, into which pension funds channel employees retirement savings, have, in recent years, increasingly invested offshore.The Alexforbes 2023 Manager Watch, a survey of retirement fund investment managers released
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13 Apr 2024

Empower your finances when calculating your Zakaat

Ameen HassenMost Muslims around the world pay their compulsory tithe, known as Zakaat, during Ramadaan. When undertaking this religious calculation and significant act of worship, it's important to fully understand how to calculate Zakaat a
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13 Apr 2024

PFA dismisses woman's claim to R21m death benefit

The Pension Funds Adjudicator Muvhango Lukhaimane has dismissed a claim of a death benefit worth R21 million due to her signing a cohabitation agreement which shows that the parties agreed that there would be no sharing of pension benefits.
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13 Apr 2024

Crisis as counties' pension dues hit Sh90bn

What you need to know: Sunset years for those leaving public service bleak as amount of money yet to be remitted grows daily. NSSF debt comprises Sh2.7 billion from devolved units and Sh18 billion from defunct local authorities,
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13 Apr 2024

Jargon buster: financial phrases simplified

JUST SAs weekly jargon buster aims to give simple, plain English explanations for typical words and phrases used in the financial industry, in particular, words relating to guaranteed life annuities and living annuities. This week, we look
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12 Apr 2024

Life partner of businessman loses out on R21 million death benefit

Even if you qualify as someones legal dependant, it does not automatically give you the right to receive a portion of that persons death benefit, the Pension Funds Adjudicator said in a ruling this week. A woman who was the life partner
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12 Apr 2024