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Covering Covid-19 victims' bodies in plastic is 'disrespectful

Experts in traditional african culture have expressed concern about plastic being used to cover the bodies of Covid-19 victims, saying it disrespects the deceased.

jan 8 2021 6:17pm
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Stop using 'african culture' as a crutch to defend the indefensible

'In african culture we don't ...' and 'as an african man ... ' have been favourite hiding places for charlatans for decades. Enough

oct 18 2020 9:50am
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UCT Zamani project preserves Heritage sites using latest technology

The Zamani Project has been working diligently to document and preserve local and international heritage sites for more than a decade. To date, the project has documented more than 200 structures, rock art sites, and statues at 65 different heritage sites in countries across africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The Zamani Project The project first had its start Emeritus Professor Heinz Rther implemented the african Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes Database and would later in 2004 become known as the Zamani project For Rther, his passion for history and archaeology began when he was a student. He stated that he had learned about European history while he learned Greek and Latin. When he came to UCT he was introduced to african culture and heritage which fascinated him. New technological tools Rther explained that the use of state-of-the-art technology has opened more avenues that werent available before. He added that the previous methods of documenting heritage were often tedious and time-consuming. Today when they are in the field, archaeologists are able to use laser scanning to capture metrically-accurate spatial data. They also use drones and terrestrial photography for photogrammetry. The use of satellite images and panorama photography has also proved to be essential. This has ensured accuracy by using control points and GPS/GNNS technology. The data collected is then processed in-house and is used to create 3D models, Geographic Information Systems, sections, plans, elevations, panoramas, and panorama tours. This results in being able to create site animations and interactive virtual recreations. The collection is then finally stored on a secure server at the university With the support and partnership from various organisations such as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) , World Monuments Fund , the Getty Conservation Institute the Zamani project has been able to use new documentation and visualisation to improve the quality of their collection. The importance of preserving our heritage One of the many heritage sites that the Zamani Project has been able to successfully document is the Cango Caves in Oudtshoorn. The project managed to document one of the chambers of the caves in November 2013. Ruther stressed that it is vital to keep preserving as many heritage sites as possible due to them being lost to climate change, war, and new construction. Heritage contributes to our sense of identity, Ruther concluded.

sep 28 2020 11:02pm
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UCT student entrepreneur creates digital library for children

A student from the University of Cape Town (UCT) has developed a digital library that aims to encourage children to read more with uniquely South african stories. Qhawe Bula, a second-year Bachelor of Social Sciences, and his team entered the 2020 Entrepreneurship Intervarsity competition. The digital library, titled TAQA, excelled in the business ideas category at the regional round of the Entrepreneurship Intervarsity competition in July . Literacy Challenges The team invented a digital library that includes various read-along childrens audiobooks written in South africa's 11 official languages. TAQA's overall goal is to increase and foster a culture of literature and reading among children. According to UCT, more than 70 percent of grade four learners are unable to read. With this in mind, TAQA was developed for children between the ages of two and nine years old. By providing stories in the official South african languages, the children will be able to read stories in their mother tongue. This will enable children to learn and understand a second language while also advancing their reading capabilities in their mother tongue. In an interview with UCT, Bula explains the main aim of the new digital reading platform. TAQAs main aim is to protect and celebrate african cultures and identities. We believe that by leveraging language and technology we can go a long way towards achieving this goal, Bula said. Partnering with an international NPO Nalibali, an internationally recognised, award-winning literacy non-profit organisation, has partnered with Bula and his team to provide audiobook podcasts in seven South african languages. Bula added that he and his team were open to partnering with the government and other organisations in order to make TAQA easily accessible to children from all socio-economic backgrounds. Proudly South african stories TAQA aims to provide learners with proudly South african stories that they are able to relate to and understand on a social level and more. In addition to facilitating a love for reading among children, TAQA hopes that the digital platform will inspire storytelling. We believe that its important for young South africans to see themselves and their languages represented and celebrated in mainstream storytelling. We are committed to telling proudly South african stories, Bula said. Importance of language Bula explained that with TAQA their goal is to break down language barriers and help learners improve their proficiency in their mother tongue. He further added that any language is a key tool for expressing ones thoughts, identity, and history. The loss of a language is not just the loss of an easily replaceable medium of instruction. Its also the loss of libraries, histories, and identities, Bula concluded.

sep 25 2020 2:07pm
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