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Coscharis Motors to Debut New land rover Discovery Sport

jul 24 2021 10:54am
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Ineos reveals interior details of new Grenadier 4x4

The upcoming Ineos Grenadier was created as a foil to the new-generation land rover Defender which, save for its retro exterior styling, is a modern luxury SUV with very little connection to its old workhorse namesake

jul 12 2021 10:26pm
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Upgraded 2021 land rover Discovery now available in Mzansi

land rover announced on Tuesday that its updated Discovery has finally touched down on SA soil. A thorough reworking of the third-generation model that's been with us since 2017, this 2021 model features new engines, updated tech and a slew of cosmetic tweaks

jun 29 2021 8:28pm
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New 2021 land rover Defender 90 arrives in Mzansi

The short-wheelbase land rover Defender 90 is now available in SA. With tighter, more compact dimensions and improved off-road chops (minimal front and rear overhangs) this is the model to get if you are properly serious about bashing through the bundu

jun 1 2021 3:33pm
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Rugged Ineos Grenadier gets torture tested ahead of 2022 launch

When the new-generation land rover Defender was reinvented in 2019 as a slick, hi-tech version of its original self, off-roading traditionalists decried it for selling its soul to modernity

may 20 2021 11:22pm
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Is your Defender not macho enough? Add some rust

With rusty panels like these, other motorists will think you've been dragging your land rover Defender through the mud. Literally.

may 15 2021 7:08pm
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New Discovery Sport and Evoque special editions headed for Mzansi

land rover announced on Wednesday that two new special editions are en route to SA. First up is the Discovery Sport Urban Edition, that is based on the existing R-Dynamic model and features distinctive design elements including shadow aluminium finishers, non-leather Luxtec Suedecloth seats and a black contrast roof.

may 13 2021 10:39pm
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Two special edition land rover models extend SA model line-up

The Discovery Sport Urban Edition and Evoque Bronze Collection Edition add some exclusivity to the local land rover line-up

may 13 2021 7:10pm
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2021 land rover Defender excels over the rough stuff

The best moment of driving the Defender came on a bumpy access road to my regular mountain biking park. With potholes nearly deep enough to play hide-and-seek in, combined with horridly tall speed humps, driving that battle-scarred old road usually requires a steely constitution. Riding a mountain bike seems almost relaxing by comparison

apr 23 2021 7:39pm
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Fit for, and designed by, a prince: land rover that will carry Philip's coffin unveiled

When Prince Philip's coffin is conveyed to church for his funeral service, it will be taken in a specially-commissioned land rover that the British royal himself helped design.

apr 16 2021 5:45pm
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