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Electric supercars need to lose weight, power up and cool down

Speed has always been paramount for supercar makers, and now they're in the race of their lives to go electric before climate policy cuts their combustion engines

sep 27 2021 9:59pm
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Exercise myths busted: And by the way, sitting is not 'killing us'

The internet is full of different ways in which you can lose weight and should exercise. We decode some exercise myths for you.

jun 8 2021 9:00pm
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Devlin Brown at the water cooler: Should I flush my colon to lose weight?

Though there is evidence that the intervention improves gut health, it almost certainly returns to its normal state

apr 26 2021 11:00am
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New study: Vegan diet speeds up metabolism and reduces weight

A low-fat plant-based eating plan can help you lose weight, researchers have found.

feb 10 2021 8:44am
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Devlin Brown at the water cooler: Should I use the HCG injection to lose weight?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is no silver bullet for shedding kilos in the long run - eating less is the only way

feb 8 2021 9:15am
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Low-carb diets seem to involve more calories than low-fat diets

You may lose weight on either a low-fat or low-carb diet, but following a low-fat diet seems to encourage people to consume fewer calories on average

jan 23 2021 9:18am
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Low-carb diets: An easy way to lose weight or recipe for heart attack?

More people are cutting carbs and filling up on fat and protein to lose weight or get healthier despite warnings about this boosting cholesterol. New Scientist investigates the true risks of low-carb life

jan 7 2021 8:50am
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