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Low-carb diets seem to involve more calories than low-fat diets

You may lose weight on either a low-fat or low-carb diet, but following a low-fat diet seems to encourage people to consume fewer calories on average

jan 23 2021 9:18am
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Low-carb diets: An easy way to lose weight or recipe for heart attack?

More people are cutting carbs and filling up on fat and protein to lose weight or get healthier despite warnings about this boosting cholesterol. New Scientist investigates the true risks of low-carb life

jan 7 2021 8:50am
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Devlin Brown at the water cooler: I want to lose weight, not lift weights

The idea that weights can miraculously add layers of muscle and turn you into the Incredible Hulk just by lifting them is the biggest exercise myth

dec 1 2020 8:57am
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Dietitian Stephnie takes a healthy approach to ...

Port Elizabeth dietitian Stephnie Engelbrecht is passionate about health, teaching others how to feed their body properly and helping others lose weight.

nov 30 2020 11:55am
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Devlin Brown at the water cooler: Will I lose weight on a cabbage soup diet?

Promises of radical, unbelievable results are just that: lies meant to exploit the desperate among us

nov 10 2020 8:58am
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Devlin Brown at the water cooler: Will the 80/20 diet help me become fitter and lose weight?

You can enjoy the occasional cheat meal but you have to pay your fitness taxes first

oct 5 2020 6:21pm
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What is the best way to lose weight and keep it off for good?

The UK government wants people to lose weight to reduce their risk of severe covid-19, but despite 40 years of rising obesity, we still dont know the best way to permanently slim down

sep 5 2020 12:35pm
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