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Kirin's electric spoon leaps from Ig Noble infamy to the dinner table

Japanese drinks giant Kirin Holdings will start selling an electrified spoon that researchers says can promote healthier eating by enhancing salty tastes without extra sodium.Mondays product launch marks the first commercialisation of techn
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20 May 2024

A calm discussion on how to build universal healthcare is required

South Africas health care is not coping. We need a calm discussion on how to build universal health care. One appreciates that in the excitement to scrounge up votes, opposition parties condemn anything the government does, irrespective of
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20 May 2024

NHI while driving equality will deepen poverty in SA

President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill into law this week, creating a massive healthcare monopsony (like a monopoly, but where there is one buyer instead of one seller) run by the state. If you want to un
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20 May 2024

President Ruto starts historic US State visit

What you need to know: The State visit, the first by an African leader in 15 years, will kick off today in Atlanta. President Rutos will, however, be only the third State visit since independence. President Ruto to meet a
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20 May 2024

Young farmer puts smile on dairy and poultry keepers

Peter Nganga is a man on a mission. He wants the best for dairy and poultry farmers in Nembu village, Gatundu South constituency, Kiambu County. Ngangas quest began after his first poultry project failed. More than half the chicks he had start
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19 May 2024

Fake fertiliser: Kenya National Farmers Federation calls for compensation

Writer Nation Media Group The fake fertiliser scandal is seen in some quarters as the greatest threat to Kenyas food agenda. Farmers now want the government to ensure those involved in producing and selling the fakes are brought to boo
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19 May 2024

A defiant president with 'Zakayo' moniker: Kenya's politics of taxation

What you need to know: Reaction to proposals in the Finance Bill, 2024 have reignited debate on tax. Opposition Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition has told the President to climb down, but Dr Ruto appears to have no apologies for introducing
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19 May 2024

Digital Transformation: NITDA Takes Digital Technologies to Grassroots

Digital Transformation: NITDA Takes Digital Technologies to Grassroots In its continued effort to transform Nigeria into a globally recognised hub of technology and innovation to drive economic diversification and boost producti
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18 May 2024

How to protect your relationship from failing due to financial disagreements

You do not only have to work on your relationship to make it work, but you also have to work on your finances to prevent your relationship from failing due to financial disagreements. A global 2023 Credit Karma study showed that 33% of G
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18 May 2024

GoAllOut breaks Guinness Record for longest line of sanitary pads

In an inspiring display of community support and corporate collaboration, GoAllOut organisation in Mahikeng, North West, has successfully collected over 100 000 sanitary pads through partnerships with various companies. The GoAllOut stud
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18 May 2024