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Limpopo snake catcher passionate about saving the reptiles

Though snake-catching is not a common or lucrative business, a villager from Tshivhulani, outside Thohoyandou in Limpopo, is passionate about it. An electrician by trade, the self-taught snake-catcher removes snakes from homes around the Thohoyan
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11 Feb 2024

Madagascar cave art hints at ancient connections between Africa and Asia

By David BurneyUnique, prehistoric rock art drawings have been discovered in the Andriamamelo Cave in western Madagascar. I was part of a team that discovered and described these ancient treasures . Theyre the first truly pict
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29 Dec 2023

Sublime Audi S8 ensures sedans are far from extinction

Sedans are being pushed to the brink of extinction in the ever-growing SUV revolution. But with the likes of the Audi S8 fighting on the frontlines their immediate survival is guaranteed. The S8s low centre of gravity offers the type of
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24 Nov 2023

George Harrison, the quiet Beatle? Rubbish

In early 1964, the Beatles rolled out of JFK Airport, on to the stage of The Ed Sullivan Show and into the frenzied hearts of millions of teenagers.What were four identical musicians to parents were quickly individuated by their children. M
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05 Nov 2023

Efforts on to restore Lagos PDPs lost glory Bode George

Tasks leaders to resolve issues affecting party By Dickson Omobola, Lagos Following the crisis that rocked the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, before the 2023 general elections, the partys leader in Lagos State, Chief Olabode Geor
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03 Nov 2023

Is vaping really as cool as you all make it to be?

What you need to know: Sex, drugs and alcohol is not the answer. Unless you are asking what I was witnessing over the weekend. What did I witness over the weekend? Dont ask me what, ask me where. Where? I was at one of those Zen cafs-turned
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29 Oct 2023