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Penguins in peril: why two bird charities are taking South Africas environment minister to court

Conservationists say Barbara Creecy has failed to implement vital changes to stop fishing around colonies amid fears African penguins could be extinct by 2035 Its 3.40pm on a Thursday and Penguin 999.000000007425712 has just returned to the Stony Poi
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23 May 2024

Haibo! Three-metre python slithers up a curtain rail in Inanda Valley home

A few weeks ago, Durban-based snake rescuer and reptile expert, Nick Evans received a call from a business in the Inanda Valley reporting a rare and surprising encounter - a three-metre Southern African Rock Python inside a room.Having prev
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21 May 2024

Blinky Bill teams up global stars in Sh5bn conservation initiative

What you need to know: The money will be generated from music streaming revenues. The project is a call to action for a collective effort to protect the Earth. Kenyan artiste Blinky Bill has teamed up with English singer
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20 Apr 2024