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A guide to where to eat on your next holiday in the South Coast

From gourmet cuisine and ocean-fresh seafood to sizzling shisanyama and sinfully delicious desserts, the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast has something to suit every taste. Drawing on the regions diverse culture, natural beauty , and abundance
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27 May 2024

Following in Darwins footsteps

Like Charles Darwin did in 1831, a group of scientists and environmentalists set sail from the English port of Plymouth, headed for the Galapagos islands off the coast of Ecuador. But what they found on their arrival last month, differed
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25 May 2024

Exploring the wild, wonderful Wales from the cosmopolitan Cardiff to the glorious Gower

Even the locals in Cardiff laugh about the Welsh weather: in Wales, they will tell you, youre guaranteed that it will rain. And drizzle. And, occasionally, deluge. Oh yes, they might add, did we mention the wind? All of our previous visi
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19 May 2024

Fun in the sun but not for locals, as only tourists can afford hotel zone in Mexican resort

The sun-kissed beaches and turquoise waters of Mexico s Caribbean resort of Cancun attract millions of visitors, but schoolteacher Yazmin Teran is lucky if she enjoys them a few times a year. Like other Mexicans living on the fringes of
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18 May 2024

Slim pickings for Garden Routes Oyster hunters

One hundred years ago, Knysna Oyster Club president AH Swannie Swan said that, when he felt peckish, he would start with ten score (200) and, when no-one was looking, would eat a hundred more! History does not record how Swannies wife, g
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18 May 2024

SANParks becomes bright spot driving eco-tourism, sustainability, growth and job creation

The South African National Parks ( SANParks ) has emerged as a beacon of hope for the country driving eco- tourism , sustainability, growth, job creation and posting good growth figures. Speaking on the sidelines of this weeks Africa Tra
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17 May 2024

Paradise lost as The Beach dries up

The dazzling Thai holiday islands made famous by the Hollywood film The Beach are facing a severe water shortage following a blistering heatwave across Asia. The Koh Phi Phi archipelago, off the west coast of southern Thailand, draws hun
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13 May 2024

The convenient staycation: Taking time-out at a location close to home

There are often times when you have a rough week at the office and feel like you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life but there is just not enough time to take a 600km trip to the coast. Thats where stay-cat
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13 May 2024

Here is where you can find the worlds cleanest airports

Airports are often rated and ranked for punctuality or entertainment and dining options available to passengers waiting before a flight, travellers cant deny that cleanliness - in washrooms and other public areas - is a key element of comfort in
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07 May 2024