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Anele Mdodas stunning glow-up: Inside her jaw-dropping body transformation

Social media streets have been buzzing about Anele and the Club 94.7 presenter, Anele Mdodas glow-up and body transformation, with many fans commenting excitedly about how stunning Miss Mdoda is looking. The Mthatha-born, Eastern Cape na
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03 Mar 2024

Steak panzanella salad with toasted ciabatta recipe

Treat your taste buds to a symphony of flavors with our Steak panzanella salad with toasted ciabatta recipe ideal for your Sunday dinner. This quick and easy-to-prepare dish offers a delightful combination of heartiness and freshness mak
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03 Mar 2024

Beat the heat - Nectarine and white chocolate yoghurt lollies recipe

As temperatures soar this weekend, combat the scorching weather with this delightful treat . These cooling lollies are not only easy to make but will also give you a burst of fruity sweetness in every lick. Nectarine and white choco
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02 Mar 2024

Quick Friday night bites: Two yummy gourmet toasties you have to try

Two gourmet toasties that will change your life Bacon, brie and apricot jam toasties soft butter for spreading 4 slices French b' READ 4 Tbsp Apricot Jam 4 8 slices Brie cheese 4 slices ba
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01 Mar 2024

Recipe of the day: Delicious bite-sized macaroni and cheese muffins

Dont have time to sit down and eat? These macaroni and cheese muffins are ideal for busy days when you need to eat on the run. They also make great snacks for kids lunchboxes. You can also add ham, bacon or spinach, or all three to this
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29 Feb 2024

Everything you need to know about summertime warts, and how to get rid of them

Warts are common skin growths that are most contagious during the summer months and can be spread from person to person through contact. Along with athletes foot, they tend to spread during this time of year, particularly in wet environm
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28 Feb 2024

Recipe of the day: Sweetcorn and pea waffles with crispy chicken and maple syrup

Who said waffles can only be served for breakfast or dessert ? While we admit there is nothing tastier than a waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce, savoury waffles also have their place on the dinner menu. Imagine your familys surpr
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28 Feb 2024

Birth defects: Abnormalities that can happen in pregnancy

Birth defects are abnormalities that can happen in pregnancy and lead to a child being born with differences in the way their body develops. They can be caused by genetic changes or environmental factors. The most common examples are con
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27 Feb 2024

5 tips that can help you look younger (no Botox required)

Its one thing to say you are as old as you feel, but we are very age-conscious when it comes to our appearance. Both women and men spend thousands of rands every month on procedures and products to retain their youthful appearance, but what can w
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27 Feb 2024