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NJENGA: How cancer diagnosis can cause depression

Following the diagnosis of breast cancer, my sister has become very depressed and suicidal. How does cancer cause such deep depression?
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04 Mar 2024

Top five cancers: Symptoms you should look out for to get help

The top five cancers in East Africa are breast, cervical, prostate, oesophagal and colorectal cancers.
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04 Mar 2024

Riding the ocean waves with yoga

If you might be wondering why someone would do yoga on a wobbly surface like water on a stand-up paddle board, then you are not alone.
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04 Mar 2024

Weekend with CEO: Peter Scott's rebellious streak

Peter Scott, the CEO Founder of BURN Manufacturing Co. and the Founder of BURN Design Lab, life's work has been to save forests in Africa.
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03 Mar 2024

BIKO INTERVIEW: From Githurai to the top of global corporate ladder

Annepeace Alwala grew up in the gruffier part of town where crime reigned high.
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01 Mar 2024

Morgan Heritage lead singer 'Peetah' exits the stage at 46

The group's lead vocalist Peter "Peetah" Morgan was in charge of the session, listening to each instrument while singing a few lines of the hits from their setlist.
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01 Mar 2024

Heartbreak: Sitawa's stories filled with wit, music, insight

Sitawa Namwalie may be best known for being a poet and performing artist.
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01 Mar 2024

Artist evokes Palestinian suffering with paintings

Three exhibitions in three separate gallery spaces opened last weekend at One Off in Nairobi.
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01 Mar 2024

Pallet Cafe: Ideal spot for Indian Ocean cool breeze on Diani beach

The men constantly talk about the wind. They are shirtless and in shorts, small grains of sand stick on the feet, and tattooed calves.
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01 Mar 2024