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The release in the past few weeks by National Treasury of proposed amendments to the schedules to the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (FIC Act), seems to have passed largely unnoticed by the g

02 Jul 2020

Six years ago, a cashless policy became fully operational in Nigeria. The aim was to encourage electronic transactions with a view to reducing the amount of physical cash in the economy...

30 Jun 2020

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30 Jun 2020

The desire for cashless transactions - driven by the ongoing fear of Covid-19 infection - is as prevalent in the informal sector as anywhere else. What is needed is a way to make these a reality...

22 Jun 2020

Over the last decade, Africa has witnessed a sweeping transformation in the financial sector. Millions of formerly unbanked Africans today use banking facilities with the touch of their fingers throug

20 Jun 2020

The more extreme the situation, the more likely it is to fast-track new developments, says Craig Duggan...

12 Jun 2020

Consumers will be able to pay for services from thousands of small businesses, schools and non-profit organisations by scanning a QR code with their mobile phone...

09 Jun 2020

As e-commerce ramps up in South Africa due to lockdown, Bidvest Mobility, a leader in mobile computing and barcoding solutions, has experienced an uptake in the demand for automated dimensioning syste

03 Jun 2020

6DOT50 is stepping in with a new way to pay for essential goods, as Covid-19 takes its toll on the South African economy...

27 May 2020

The ability to create value out of new products and services lies at the heart of the burgeoning fintech sector. In South Africa, we face significant challenges and barriers to introduce these solutio

22 May 2020

Nedbank has revealed its new digital platform Avo. Described as a 'super app", Avo will provide customers with access to online shopping and other essential services...

19 May 2020

As digitisation makes its way into Africa across sectors and industries, digital payment methods are being offered as safe and convenient alternatives to traditional options...

19 May 2020