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Roll-out of mobile app prototype aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

roll out of mobile app prototype aimed at supporti

that could tap into POS (Point-of-Sale) data while generating business insights and maintaining transactional records.

ITSTI came up with a lab prototype for the application which adopts concepts industry insiders refer to as 'enterprise software.' You can run the app on any smartphone and link it to wi-fi or cash registers. Ethiopian companies earning more than US$3000 are mandated to use cash registers - hence the easy adaptability.

When connected, the app will:

Extract transactional data from your cash register
Generate insights on sales patterns
Provide targeted recommendations
Remotely engage contacts and business networks
Enable real-time price comparisons
Enable peer-to-peer interchange and learning
The group now plans to team with the Government of Ethiopia's SME agency and roll-out the prototype in practical user-test sessions. There will be partnerships with Ethiopian banks and microfinance institutions to create a digital transnational record which can be leveraged as an alternative credit score rating for women-owned firms.


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