Your Skin's Microbiome - Why It Matters?

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your skins microbiome why it matters

Looking after your skins microbiome can help you achieve glowing skin. In order to do it right you would first need to analyse whether your microbiome is healthy. Local leading skincare brand SKIN functional believes in enabling you to achieve your best skin yet, and this means giving the power back to you with their bespoke and custom range for every skin type and concern. In this article you will learn what your microbiome is, how it functions and why it matters so much.

Your Skins Microbiome - Why It Matters? What is your skin microbiome?

Kevin Khosa, Customer Service Manager at SKIN functional explained that: The skin microbiome is the name given to the diverse community of microorganisms (which includes bacteria, fungi and viruses) that live on and in the layers of our skin. Its a similar concept to the gut microbiome. While many of us are familiar with the gut microbiome the bacteria that lives in your digestive system its also important to remember that you have microbiomes all over, and that there is another important microbiome that exists on your skin. Beyond your appearance, your skin (and its microbiome) is your bodys first line of defence. Primarily, it helps prevent harmful microorganisms from entering your body, making it hugely important when it comes to protecting your immune system.

Why does it matter?

Dermatologists all agree that your skin microbiome is as unique as a fingerprint meaning it might work slightly differently from person to person and remains in constant communication with its surrounding environment as well as the skin itself.