'who Tf Did I Marry' - Tiktoker Goes Viral After Sharing Her Unbelievable Tale Of Her 'pathological Liar' Ex-husband

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who tf did i marry tiktoker goes viral after sharing her unbelievable tale of her pathological liar

Love to binge on a series? Then this real-life drama will keep you on the edge of your seat and you dont even need a subscription to watch it.

Reesa Teesa from Atlanta took to TikTok to share her unbelievable tale of her failed marriage.

This 50-part playlist titled Who TF did I Marry is an almost 8-hour watch, so if you want to get into it, best you know youre in for a long ride.

In her introduction video , she shared that she was married to a pathological liar and that over the course of the 50 videos, she was going to go into detail about what he did to her during their relationship.

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One of the things he lied about was his job. He claimed to be the vice president of a condiment company.

Another was that he was going to buy them a house and her a new BMW.

He took her to look at homes and test drive cars, but it turned out he didnt even have money.

Thats just the tip of the iceberg.

In each video, Reesa goes into detail about all the things he lied to her about and how he got away with it.

In part 50 of the playlist, she sums it all up by saying: He never loved me. He doesnt love himself. He didnt even like me.

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She adds that he watched her get excited about the things he promised he would get her and probably sat back and laughed at her for believing him.

Millions of TikTokers have been following her jaw-dropping tale of betrayal.

The topic Who TF did I Marry has gone viral on X as well since users cant get enough of the story and have taken to the app to share their opinions on Reesas cautionary tale.