Watch | Bugatti Gets Ready To Launch New Hypercar

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watch bugatti gets ready to launch new hypercar
>WATCH | Bugatti gets ready to launch new hypercar 17 June 2024 Phuti Mpyane Senior Motoring Correspondent In June, the modern-day lineage of BUGATTI first established with the Veyron 16.4 will welcome its latest evolution; a new automotive pinnacle with a V16 hybrid powertrain at its heart.

Mark June 20 on your calenders: French nobles brand Bugatti has announced it will unveil a new car. The company that recently ended production of the Chiron says the new model will be an icon not just for the present, or even for the future, but Pour lternit (for eternity.)

The new Bugatti hyper sports car is a bespoke design, engineered from the ground up and inspired by Bugatti models of the past such as the Type 57 SC Atlantic, the Type 41 Royale and the Type 35.

LUltime, the final Chiron, bids farewell to this extraordinary journey.

Each of these legendary cars lends their DNA to create a pure and authentic reinterpretation of the Bugatti brand, says the company. The new model rides on a n all-new chassis and performance-honed body while a new electrified V16 heart beats at the back.

The company doesnt reveal much on technical specification, nor does it mention performance potential. What we know is i n 2016 the company replaced the Veyron with a 409km/h top speed with the Chiron.

Limited to 500 units and with many spin offs including the Chiron Super Sport 300 capable of reaching 490km/h, the final Chiron model known as the L'Ultime recently rolled off the Molsheim production line.