Uyajola 9/9 Recap: She Is Hurt Shame Viewers Sympathise With The Girlfriend

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uyajola 99 recap she is hurt shame viewers sympathise with the girlfriend

Moja Love TV presenter, Jub Jub, joined the trending topics after another drama-filled episode of Uyajola 9/9 .

In this weeks episode, Jub Jub visited Gqeberha, KwaMagxaki in the Eastern Cape, where he dealt with another cheating case.

Lindisipho called the show because she suspected that her boyfriend, Moyisi, of three years was cheating on her.

She said she started seeing questionable behaviour in February, like going out, returning the next day, and deleting messages.

Moyisi told Lindisipho that he was going to a family funeral while he was going to his other girlfriends place, where Jub Jub and the crew found him.

When they arrived, a fight broke out between Lindisipho, Moyisi, and the other girlfriend.

The girlfriend said Moyisi had told him he broke up with Lindisipho in December last year.

When asked why he lied to the ladies, Moyisi said it was never his intention to lie and he didnt want Lindisipho to find out.

Its a double bill of #Uyajola99 tonight. Will you be watching?

MojaLoveTv DStv Channel 157 (@MojaLoveTv) November 19, 2023 Shes hurt #Uyajola99

Hermaine M (@HermaineM) November 19, 2023 There was no need for her to come with cameras

The cheater was not impressed that Lindisipho called Uyajola 9/9, saying she was supposed to talk to him instead of bringing cameras.

When she is drunk, she talks about everything. I wont pay attention to someone drunk. You need to talk to your partner when you are sober. Does she want me to understand when she brings me the cameras? asked Moyisi.

The relationship bit the dust as Lindisipho said she was done with her cheating boyfriend and asked Jub Jub and his crew to leave him behind.

Uyajola 9/9 airs every Sunday from 9 pm-10 pm on Moja Love DStv channel 157.

This lady just wanted to be sure that her man was really cheating ,and she left immediately after knowing the truth without making drama ,I like her #Uyajola99

Ayanda. (@ayanda_yandiey_) November 19, 2023 If the cameras wasnt here Dude was gonna beat up the girlfriend #Uyajola99

K E L E B O G I L E (@iamprescribed) November 19, 2023