Transnet Port Terminals Ups Volumes As Part Of Its Recovery

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transnet port terminals ups volumes as part of its recovery

Year-on-year volumes rose across Transnet Port Terminals (TPTs) sectors in the first six weeks of the 2024/2025 financial year, which started in April 2024, it said in a statement on Friday.

Container volumes were up 10%, while bulk volumes and break-bulk volumes increased by 5% and 17%, respectively. Automotive volumes were 3% down owing to high stock levels, which have forced importers to revise their imports orders due to low car sales as a result of slow economic growth.

TPT chief executive Jabu Mdaki said: We are doing our best to move more volumes despite our shortfalls on equipment and, ultimately, key performance indicators.

He said that when comparing the previous financial year to the current year, the performance was showing signs of recovery.

TPT had embarked on an equipment acquisition drive, with an estimated R3.9 billion in capital investment during the current financial year.

There is also emphasis on the availability and reliability of the existing fleet that continued through the first phase. A 24-hour maintenance regime is in place to secure the availability and reliability of existing equipment. Original equipment manufacturers are across all terminals providing technical support and supplying critical spares.

TPT had also received invaluable support from its customers, thus enabling continued promotion of growth in the South Africa imports and exports.

The support from customers included supply of equipment for TPT use, identifying equipment available globally for purchase, urgent movement of equipment across the water, and terminal partnership programmes.

While weather continues to disrupt operations, contingency plans are sufficient and integrated planning and collaboration engagements with customers and industry are ongoing, said Mdaki.

TPTs container sector had begun its citrus season with more than 200 additional cargo coordinators and port workers, as well as additional capacity across participating terminals.

Mdaki said that in the current financial year, TPT would maintain good communication with depots and cold stores to achieve maximum flexibility regarding the opening stacks.

It is crucial for the industry to make use of the entire 24-hour operational window at terminals to ensure a successful season, said Mdaki.