Thousands Of Israelis Turn Out For Anti-government Protest

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thousands of israelis turn out for antigovernment protest

Thousands of Israelis protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government on Monday over the Gaza war and failure to negotiate the release of scores of hostages still held in the Palestinian territory.

Protests against Netanyahu's handling of the war against Hamas militants have gathered pace, with tens of thousands taking to the streets of Israel's biggest city, Tel Aviv, every weekend.

But protesters travelled to Jerusalem to rally outside the Israeli parliament and Netanyahu's residence on Monday, clashing with police and urging new elections as part of what has been dubbed a week of disturbance by activists.

'Every action that he does is in the direction of the destruction of Israel. He was responsible for what happened on October 7,' said retired civil engineer Moshe Sandarovich, 73.

'Now he is destroying everything. Even if there is war now, every day that the war goes on with him, is a worse day.'