Temenos Positions To Transform Banking Operations

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Temenos- SIX: TEMN has unveiled Temenos Positions , a financial processing solution aimed at revolutionizing banking operations for institutions equipped with complex, multi-core systems spanning various lines of business in both Retail and Corporate banking.

Mitigating operational risks

Temenos Positions functions as a real-time hub for managing and disseminating balances, instruments, and financial transactions throughout a banks entire system framework, irrespective of the underlying technology stack. This capability enables banks to mitigate operational risks, enhance financial efficiency, and expedite the development and introduction of intricate financial products and services. Consequently, this fosters heightened profitability and improves the customer experience.

Numerous banks presently operate on legacy technology infrastructures, characterized by multiple core systems functioning independently, leading to significant hurdles in core transformation due to the intricate nature of replacing the entire IT framework. Consequently, banks encounter obstacles such as the absence of a comprehensive real-time financial overview, exorbitant integration and reconciliation costs, and manual processing inefficiencies. However, with Temenos Financial Positions, banks can tackle immediate operational efficiency requirements while simultaneously initiating a gradual modernization journey, all without the necessity of transforming their entire core banking platform.

Adaptable to interconnected domains

Built upon Temenos banking expertise, Temenos Positions harnesses decades of investment in the Temenos core banking platform. This investment guarantees its capability to address intricate use cases for back value processing and various balance types. The solution is tailored for serverless deployment, representing a streamlined and expedited approach for Temenos to develop and launch solutions. This innovative deployment technology constructs and deploys functionalities as distinct libraries, resulting in deployment speeds up to 30% faster and facilitating cloud-native deployments on a unified database. Furthermore, the solution is adaptable to other interconnected domains like party and pricing, thereby amplifying its versatility.

Banks burdened by legacy debt Hoppermann Advisory, Jost Hoppermann says Most banks are burdened by a legacy debt of multiple core systems from different generations, and many need to manage the co-existence of legacy and modern cores. With Temenos Positions, Temenos is offering a lean solution that will help isolate different architectural elements, move off older back-end capabilities, and add new front-end capabilities in a smoother way. A real-time data source of truth is essential for evolutionary transformation in banking. This will also help banks to deliver an improved customer experience, with real-time updates on account balances, enhancing transparency and trust. Problem solver Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for Temenos, Tony Coleman comments The inconvenient truth for many banks is that they have no real-time positions or funds authorization across the enterprise. Temenos Positions solves this problem by providing a real-time source for all balances and funds authorization. Engineered to handle a vast number of instruments and high-volume processing, Temenos Positions can process high volumes of instruments efficiently and at scale. It does this without Close of Business processing, just a simple date flip, making it ideal for banks with large transaction volumes.