Short-lived Wins In Nigeria Elsewhere Crash Indias Twitter Killer

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Koo, the Indian microblogging app that swooped in as an alternative when Nigeria banned X (previously Twitter) in 2021, is struggling, reports suggest, as it appears the fairytale rise of the local language platform might be running out of steam.

Koo arrived in Nigeria amid a perfect storm. Tensions between the Nigerian government and X were high following the removal of a controversial post by then-President Muhammadu Buhari, which resulted in Nigerian authorities blocking off X, leaving a gap in the market. Capitalising on this opportunity, Koo, with its support for multiple languages, was seen as a promising alternative. Government officials and celebrities quickly joined the platform, further bolstering its appeal.

However, just a few years later, Koos dream appears to be fading back home in India and elsewhere. The app, which once saw millions of downloads, is now grappling with dwindling user engagement and a struggle to secure funding, Rest of World reports . Analysts point to several factors behind Koos fall from grace.

While the initial surge of users was undeniable, many seemed motivated by the anti-X sentiment rather than a genuine preference for Koo. The platform failed to translate this initial interest into long-term engagement. Critics also argue that Koo lacked a clear focus, attempting to be an X clone one moment and an Instagram competitor the next.

Originally launched in India in 2020, Koo initially enjoyed a surge, fueled by government support and celebrity endorsements. After its opportunistic Nigerian entry, it also managed to expand to Brazil, claiming millions of downloads.