Sa Owned E-hailing App Shesha Launches In Sandton

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sa owned ehailing app shesha launches in sandton

A South African owned e-hailing App, Shesha has been launched in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The service will start operating on the first of May. It is a collaboration between the minibus taxi industry and e-hailing operators.

Shesha is set to bring about competition to already existing international giants such as Uber and Bolt. Shesha has promised the best security on its service as there has been a growing safety concerns for riders particularly women.

They say there will be fingerprint ID for both drivers and riders.

Sheshas Project Manager Portia Kekeletu says the company will collaborate with the local taxi industry including the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) and National Taxi Alliance (NTA).

The founders say they want the wealth generated by Shesha to remain within the South African borders.

Minibus Taxi Industry Representative Piet Mahlangu says South Africans in e-hailing services have been sweating with no profits.

About 10% of Shesha shares have been allocated to the Gauteng E-Hailing Trust to help operators gain access to essential benefits such as medical aid, provident funding and pensions.

The App is currently available on Android and Shesha says they are working on ensuring that it will also be available for Apple users when they launch on the first of May.