Ride Or Die Kind Of Love - Elsa Thanks Mzansi For Their Love And Support

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ride or die kind of love elsa thanks mzansi for their love and support

Internet sensation Elsa Majimbo has thanked South Africans for their love and support.

This comes after she opened up about her fallout with Naomi Campbell on social media.

Elsa has been a hot topic on X since the weekend when she posted a video ranting about the American supermodel.

However, the Kenyan social media star has since removed the video, citing a desire for peace.

I stand by my words. Content in my decision. The tweets are deleted due to seeking peace, not fear. Yall need to understand this is something that has happened since I was 19. My goal now is happiness

Elsa Majimbo (@ElsaAngel19) February 19, 2024 Elsa thanks Mzansi

Taking to X on Tuesday, Elsa expressed gratitude to South Africans for always showing up for her.

She wrote: Damn I really love South Africa. Like ride or die kind of love. South Africans have shown up for me in ways I have no words to describe. Just here to acknowledge and be grateful

I dont think you guys understand how much youve done for me. Im beyond grateful and forever indebted. It has made me cry not just now but even from way back then in the beginning.

All the way behind you Elsa Ive always regarded Naomi Campbell as our South African sister, but after all these allegations, I am digusted by her demeanour I am not surprised as I remember vividly what she did to Tyra Banks back in their youth days. keep on shining Elsa pic.twitter.com/30RASS2OIc

Prince Kingsley Lerato Mentor ? (@princekmentor) February 20, 2024 The fallout

In a now-deleted video, Elsa recounted how the American supermodel almost ended her career.

She said the issue began in 2020 when Naomi invited her to join her on vacation.

During their time together, Naomi allegedly proposed the idea of creating a documentary that would highlight Elsas life in Kenya.

Elsa said in March 2022, she had a film debut at a Tribeca Film Festival, and Naomi thought it was the one she had suggested.

She said Naomi then called her, threatening legal action, Elsa said a few months after that, things started going very bad for her.

Kenyan influencer Elsa Majimbo narrates her heart-wr3nching experience with Naomi Campbell. pic.twitter.com/9Wx2steemC

MDN NEWS (@MDNnewss) February 19, 2024

In what fans believe is a subtle response to Elsas allegations, Naomi shared a post on her IG stories that talks about keeping quiet.

A screenshot of Naomis Instagram stories