Rice Gets A Meaty Makeover: Scientists Create Protein-packed Grains

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rice gets a meaty makeover scientists create proteinpacked grains

In a small laboratory in Seoul, a team of South Korean scientists are injecting cultured beef cells into individual grains of rice, in a process they hope could revolutionise how the world eats.

From helping prevent famines to feeding astronauts in space, team leader and professor Hong Jin-kee believes his new so-called meaty rice could become an eco-friendly, ethical way for people to get their protein.

No animals were harmed in the creation of the dish, which looks like a regular bowl of rice albeit pink but it gives off a faint buttery aroma, the result of being packed with beef muscle and fat cell culture.

Using cultured meat, we can obtain animal protein without the slaughter of livestock, Hong, of Seouls Yonsei University, told AFP.

Companies worldwide have sought to commercialise meat alternatives, such as plant-based or cultured meat, due to ethical issues surrounding industrial livestock rearing, as well as environmental concerns linked to the greenhouse gas emissions from animal farming.