Pleasure Tsa Manyalo Honoured To Be A Part Of First Annual Zikhakhazise Ngesikhenu Cultural Fair

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pleasure tsa manyalo honoured to be a part of first annual zikhakhazise ngesikhenu cultural fair

South Africa is a country with rich cultural diversity, different languages, ethnicities. It's no wonder we are the rainbow nation.

With this ethos, Ikwekwezi FM and Thembisile Hani Local Municipality in Mpumalanga will be hosting a spectacular cultural celebration to honour the rich heritage of the Ndebele nation and various South African cultures.

The first annual Zikhakhazise Ngesikhenu Cultural Fair, is set to be more than just a festival but a vibrant tapestry of creativity, community engagement, and economic empowerment.

Attendees at the festival will get to be part of an immersive experience, featuring a unique blend of food, artwork, textiles, hand crafts, and music performances.

One of Limpopos biggest artists, Pleasure Tsa Manyalo has been announced as the headline performer for the festival and she is more than honoured.

As an individual who is deeply rooted in her culture and also uses my position of influence in society to educate people about their culture through music, I felt honoured to have been chosen to partake in this event.

It would allow me to share knowledge with others and also learn different things from other people,she tells IOL Entertainment.

The Ikwekwezi FM family-oriented event aims to bring people from different backgrounds to Thembisile Hani Local Municipality's Solomon Mahlangu Stadium for a celebration of music, food and arts that will also unearth the commerce that is in South Africa's rich art sector.

Pleasure Tsa Manyalo has been announced as the headline performer for the festival and she is more than honoured. Picture: Supplied

We live in fast-paced times that are often governed by social media, and culture has been modernised with the newer generation not being as connected as the older generation.

The Ke Lorile hitmaker whose name is Pleasure Peta, remarks that our culture is under siege of being diluted as social media gains traction among the youth.

It is important that we remain true to ourselves and not allow ourselves to be swayed away by foreign tendencies.

Without our culture, we remain a lost nation. As such, people ought to understand that we owe it to the next generation by preserving our culture and being great cultural ambassadors as our ancestors did.

Her sentiments are further lamented by Ikwekwezi business manager Nkosinathi Ntuli, who expresses that culture is who we are.

The preservation of our culture assists in solidifying our identity in the heterogeneity that is enveloping the world.

Events like these become moments of reflection to us all and allow us to showcase our similarities, in the midst of our differences.

Thembisile Hani Local Municipality, Municipal Manager Dumisani Mahlangu further added that the Zikhakhasize Cultural Fair will assist in the preservation and promotion of the different cultures within the municipality, with the younger generation also learning about where their traditions originate from.

Thembisile Hani Local Municipality, is a rural municipality that faces high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality and the event aims to become a catalyst for social and economic growth within the municipality.

Mahlangu explains that the implementation of programmes like Zikhakhasize Cultural Fair seeks to boost economic growth, and stimulate collaboration within the community.

Promote local tourism and boost the local/township economy by providing market exposure for the SMMEs within Food and Beverages, Manufacturing and Crafters, Transportation, Hotels/Lodges and Hospitality industries and other entertainment establishments within and outside the borders of Thembisile Hani Local Municipality.

Those in attendance can look forward to a day filled with great food, arts and culture and electrifying performances by Zodwa Mabena, Mhlokonywa KaBungela and Mjaphethe.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, February 24

Time: 9am 7pm

Venue: Solomon Mahlangu Stadium, KwaMhlanga, Thembisile Hani Local Municipality, Mpumalanga