Penguins In Peril: Why Two Bird Charities Are Taking South Africas Environment Minister To Court

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penguins in peril why two bird charities are taking south africas environment minister to court
Conservationists say Barbara Creecy has failed to implement vital changes to stop fishing around colonies amid fears African penguins could be extinct by 2035 Its 3.40pm on a Thursday and Penguin 999.000000007425712 has just returned to the Stony Point penguin colony in Bettys Bay, South Africa, after a day of foraging. She glides elegantly through the turquoise waters before clambering comically up the rocks towards the nest where her partner is incubating two beige eggs. She doesnt realise it, but a rudimentary knee-high fence has funnelled her towards a state-of-the-art weighbridge. When she left the colony at 6.45am this morning she weighed 2.7kg. Now, after a full day of hunting, she has gained only 285g. Eleanor Weideman, a coastal seabird project manager for BirdLife South Africa, is concerned. In a good year they come back with their stomachs bulging, she says. Penguins can put on up to one-third of their body weight in a single day of foraging. But theres just no fish out there any more.