Over 2500 Athletes Set For Mtn Champs Continental Relays In Iba

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over 2500 athletes set for mtn champs continental relays in iba

The Lekan Salami Stadium and University of Ibadan Sports Complex will be a beehive of activities when MTN CHAMPS Ibadan takes off from 5-8 April in Oyo State, with nearly 3000 athletes expected to compete at the event.

According to the organisers, as of 1 April, 6499 event entries were received from 2636 Athletes across 153 Secondary Schools and 128 Junior and Senior Teams.

MTN CHAMPS Ibadan which is the second leg of Season 2 of the School Athletics Competition, will feature 92 Track and Field events across four Age Categories, with over 300 Medals and 6 School/Team trophies to be won.