Oh No, Not On That Beautiful Face: Rhodurban Fans Shocked By Jojos Face Tattoo

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oh no not on that beautiful face rhodurban fans shocked by jojos face tattoo

Netizens have been shocked to their core by Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star, Jojo Robinsons latest tattoo. The reality star, who last year revealed that 70% of her body is covered in tattoos, has finally decided to get a tattoo on her face.

Mrs Robinson shared a video clip with her followers on Tuesday morning of her arriving at the tattoo parlour. In the video clip Jojo excitedly jumps up and down while her tattoo artist, Mike Artura, gets his equipment ready to ink the words Boo Bear Jojos nickname for her husband on the side of her face, just below her eye.

The energetic blonde says she has always wanted to get a face tattoo.

I finally did it. Got BOO BEAR tattooed on my face. Ive always wanted to get a face tattoo. Why not tattoo my boo bear somewhere everyone gets to see. It hurt btw [by the way], she shared with her Instagram followers.

Jojo slams tattoo critics

In October last year, the reality television star shared how she is constantly being scrutinised by people for being so heavily tattooed.

Being heavily tattooed like this, I find myself constantly at the scrutiny of people who know nothing about me. But at the end of the day its not my business to care. It is my business to continue to live a life filled with all the magical things I choose to do with it, as long as I hurt no one in my journey, what does it really matter what I do, she shared on Instagram.

Tattoos is what make her happy, Jojo said at the time , and that is clearly visible from the vibe in the video she shared of her face tattoo.

She loves her tattoos and lets all respect that

Fans of the RHOD star were left divided by her decision to tattoo her husbands nickname on her face.

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Why are you doing this to yourself, you could have tat him somewhere else, like your waist or on your cat, I love you but all these tat makes some of your cloth that looks good tacky honestly, commented Chinasa Joan.

Zodidi Ncusane said that Jojo loves her tattoos and everyone should respect that. At the end of the day its her life, her choices, her body, her face, her everything and theres nothing you can do about it. Just let @mrs.jojo.robinson be her. She loves her tattoos and lets all respect that.

One of the fellow housewives on RHOD Season 4, Maria Isabella Valaskatzis said: I thought no tattoos this week.

Not on your pretty face Jo, commented Sibongile Mngomezulu.