Nick Cannon: How The Father Of 12 Insured His Testicles For Over R186 Million

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nick cannon how the father of 12 insured his testicles for over r186 million

American comedian and television personality Nick Cannon seems to be taking his reproductive responsibilities very seriously.

The superstar recently revealed that he insured his testicles for a whopping $10 million, equivalent to at least R186,998,400.

Its official! I have the most valuable balls in the world ! @drsquatch has insured them for $10M through their Ball-to-Ball Coverage, Cannon announced.

According to Billboard , Cannons $10 million insurance policy was taken out through MMA/Momentous Insurance.

Are testicles insurable?

While Cannons testicle insurance is part of a promotion for Dr. Squatchs new Ball Care products, it has set tongues wagging on social media , with some fans wondering if testicles are insurable.