Ngcukaytobi Withdraws Resignation As Ec Anc Provincial Secretary

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ngcukaytobi withdraws resignation as ec anc provincial secretary

ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary Lulama Ngcukayitobi says his decision to withdraw his letter stepping down as Provincial Secretary was influenced by challenges currently faced by the party.

Ngcukayitobi says the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) convinced him to overturn his decision.

He wanted to step down and pursue other personal interests.

In consideration of both the contents of the letter and the complexities that the ANC is confronted with, setting up of Government of National Unity. The fact that a provincial secretary is the only full time and functionally currently in the office and the fact that we are coming directly from the elections, the provincial officials felt that the provincial secretary must still be part of the collective of the organization, says Ngcukayitobi.