Mozambique And Angola Enhance Aviation Cooperation

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mozambique and angola enhance aviation cooperation

Mozambican and Angolan aviation authorities have signed an aviation MOU between the two countries and their flag carriers.

Sustainability in the Sky reports that Angolan airline TAAG can now operate flights across Mozambique. The same will apply to Mozambican airline LAMs operations in Angola.

According to Angolas Civil Aviation Authority, passengers travelling between destinations in Africa or around the world using either carrier will also be able to connect more easily if one airline doesnt fly the entire route.

The aviation authorities of the two countries are working in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) policy, not allowing any country to be left behind. With this cooperation, we will complement each other and fill existing gaps, saidAmlia Kuvngua, PCA of the Angolan National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC).

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