Leprosy Mission Nigeria Raises Alarm Over 2,500 New Cases Annually

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leprosy mission nigeria raises alarm over 2500 new cases annually
Leprosy Mission Nigeria Raises Alarm Over 2,500 New Cases Annually

The Leprosy Mission Nigeria has sounded an alarm over the increasing number of leprosy cases in the country, with nearly 2,500 new cases discovered every year. Despite treating thousands of cases over the past decade, the mission notes that 90% of the population remains protected from the disease.

The National Director, Dr. Sunday Udo, emphasized the need to end stigma and discrimination, providing support for those with disabilities and mental health issues related to leprosy. He stressed that leprosy is curable with proper treatment and medication, urging the government to continue supporting the mission and national leprosy programs.

The missions Open Minds Project, a four-year mental health initiative, has raised awareness about the impact of leprosy on mental health and provided services for those affected. The projects success has led to plans for expansion and incorporation of mental health into future projects, with support from TLM Great Britain.

State officials and health professionals have appreciated the missions efforts, calling for increased government ownership and support to control leprosy and other neglected diseases.