King Mswati Iii's Expensive Timepieces

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king mswati iiis expensive timepieces

King Mswati III of Eswatini (previously known as Swaziland) recently visited South Africa for a working visit at Mahlamba Ndlopfu, President Cyril Ramaphosas official residence in Pretoria.

The King is known to live in exclusive opulence, his wealth has previously stirred controversy because of its complete contrast to the state of living for the ordinary people of his country.

Most recently social media users have noticed King Mswati IIIs stellar collection of expensive watches. There is a lot one can tell about a person from just the kind of watch they wear, especially if it's a luxury one.

Watch collection of King Mswati III 1. Jacob and Co. Brilliant Skeleton Tourbillon Ruby: Retail price: $900,000 2. Jacob and Co Billionaire Ashoka: Retail price: $3,000,000. 3. Jacob and Co Brilliant Art Deco Blue Sapphire: Retail price: $750,000.

Mr G ?? (@AndileGogoda) April 17, 2024

On his many public outings, King Mswati III is seen wearing not your typical ordinary watches, he has been seen in Jacob & Co Ghost Baguette Diamond timepieces, which are worth millions.

Several images show King Mswati III wearing different luxury watches such as a twin turbo Baguette, Brilliant Skeleton Tourbillion Ruby, The Grand Baguette, Mystery Tourbillion, Brillant Art Deco and Bugatti Chiron.

King Mswati wearing the Whole countrys Food wealth in one hand??

lets spana (@hobo_group) April 16, 2024

Even on his visit to South Africa, he didnt wear an ordinary watch.

The pictures of the watches King Mswati has worn of course raised eyebrows among social media users.

Lotshe Nkomazana Hlabangane on Facebook said: Leave the King alone. The only place in Southern Africa with very rich leaders and poor people is Zimbabwe.

@Samanya_Mukabwe said: This mans watch collection is equivalent to 1% of Eswatini gdp.

This mans watch collection is equivalent to 1% of Eswatini gdp

Samanya (@Samanya_Mukabwe) April 15, 2024

King Mswati III is turning 56 on April 19 and a grand celebration is expected, and who knows, maybe hell be gifted with another timeless collectible watch.