Haitian Spaghetti Recipe

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haitian spaghetti recipe

Authentic Haitian SpaghettiRecipe.Hearty, spicy, and bursting with mouthwatering flavor, Haitian spaghetti is a dish all pasta lovers need to try. Its easy to customize and kid-friendly, too, so theres a lot to love. 🫶🏿

One-pot meals are such a lifesaver in my house, and this Haitian spaghetti recipe is no exception. Who doesnt love whipping up a balanced meal of pasta, meat, and veggies - and then only having to wash one dish? Im all about easy cleanup.

And kids really love this dish, too, especially when I make it with hot dogs instead of pork sausage. Hot dogs and spaghetti? What kid wouldnt like that? And if your kids dont like spicy food, you can just leave out the scotch bonnet for a perfectly mild meal.

What Is Haitian Spaghetti?

Haitian spaghetti hails from Haiti, as you may have guessed. Ingredients commonly used in Haitian kitchens are red and green bell peppers, green onion, and scotch bonnet peppers. Basically, its spaghetti with tomato sauce, cut-up sausage, and plenty of veggies.

Sometimes, Haitians enjoy this dish for breakfast! It certainly keeps you full and gives you plenty of energy for the day. However, I usually enjoy it for lunch or dinner. 😉