Haibo! Three-metre Python Slithers Up A Curtain Rail In Inanda Valley Home

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haibo threemetre python slithers up a curtain rail in inanda valley home

A few weeks ago, Durban-based snake rescuer and reptile expert, Nick Evans received a call from a business in the Inanda Valley reporting a rare and surprising encounter - a three-metre Southern African Rock Python inside a room.

Having previously conducted a snake awareness and educational talk at this business, Evans was alerted to the situation, aware that the staff had been educated not to harm snakes, particularly protected species like pythons.

Evans, alongside colleagues Duncan and Jade Slabbert, promptly responded to the call. After the scenic drive, the trio was met with an extraordinary sight: a large python comfortably perched on a curtain rail inside an empty room on the promises.

The unusual indoor sighting was explained by a security guard's brave and unconventional actions.

'The guard had spotted the python outside an adjacent room and, using a bin, safely coaxed it into the empty room before locking it in. While not a recommended approach, the guard's quick thinking ensured the snake remained contained until we arrived,' Evans said.

The rescue involved a careful and coordinated effort to secure the python's head and untangle it from the curtain rail.

'The three of us worked together at first, securing the head and then carefully uncoiling its body from the now buckling curtain rail which wasn't an easy task as these snakes are pretty much pure muscle,' Evans said.

Despite the challenge, given the snake's muscular build, the team successfully removed the python without harm.

After a quick examination, the python was found to be in good condition and was later released into a natural area, far from human habitation.

The Southern African Python is a protected species, making it illegal to kill, keep, or sell them.