Green Beans And Potatoes

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green beans and potatoes

Green Beans and Potatoes- Southern cooking at its finest, this savory side dish features rich, layered flavors that are main course worthy. Infused with butter, bacon, and an insanely good broth, then cooked to tender perfection, this dish is always a crowd-pleaser.

Southerners sure know how to take a veggie and make it ridiculously tasty. This green bean-potato mashup dish is no exception. If youre struggling to get your kids (or your husband 😂) to eat veggies, this dish is a real winner.

This dish is pretty effortless, too. A little sauteing before adding the broth, putting on the lid, and letting it simmer to beautiful perfection is all it takes.

What Makes Green Beans and Potatoes So Darn Good

This green beans and potatoes recipe takes basic ingredients and elevates them with the most delicious broth. Sauteed bacon, onions, and a healthy dose of butter come together to turn regular chicken broth into something heavenly. That brothy goodness infuses loads of flavor into the veggies, which is why they taste so amazing. 🤩

Ingredient List
  • Green Beans, trimmed and halved, are the star of this side dish. Get them as fresh as possible for the best flavor. Yard-long green beans are fantastic, and you can cut them into 2-3-inch pieces instead of halving them.
  • Bacon- The dish starts with bacon, cooked until crisp and leaving behind that delicious bacon grease for sauteing the other ingredients.
  • Butter- Adds more rich flavor to cook the potatoes to a beautiful golden.
  • Potatoes- Any medium-sized potato works well for this recipe. Red potatoes, Yukon Gold, or baby potatoes are good, but you can use your favorite variety.
  • Seasonings- Onion and garlic add flavor and a delightful aroma to this dish. Then salt, pepper, andCreole seasoningkeep it simple.
  • Chicken Broth- This is the base for the broth that will cook the veggies until theyre tender.
  • How to Make Green Beans and Potatoes

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