Goods In Transit Insurance Claims Surge Around Black Friday

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goods in transit insurance claims surge around black friday

By: Tyrone Lowther

Over the past three years, Budget Insurance has noticed a 30% spike in Goods In Transit insurance claims on Black Friday. The week that follows Black Friday, including Cyber Monday, are also red flags for courier companies.

Since the pandemic, most retailers are offering Black Friday deals both online, and in-store. This is a win for those wanting to avoid the chaos surrounding the annual shopping frenzy. Scoring a deal doesnt necessarily mean youll score the goods though as courier vehicles (vans, cars, trailers, trucks and motorbikes) containing Black Friday shopping hauls are targeted by criminals.

The hijacking of courier vehicles on Black Friday is of great concern. In addition to the hijacking risk, goods are also being taken by force in armed robberies. The items most coveted by criminals over Black Friday include cellphones and electronic equipment like TVs, gaming consoles and computers.