From Silicon Valley To Silicon Savannah: Climate Expert Patrick Verkooijen On Why This Is Africas Century

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from silicon valley to silicon savannah climate expert patrick verkooijen on why this is africas cen
The University of Nairobis new chancellor says the continent has vast potential but to realise the promise of AI and green jobs, rich countries must honour their commitments Africa has all the potential to meet pressing climate challenges with innovative solutions, according to one of the worlds renowned environmentalists. With its vast natural capital and youthful population, this is Africas century, according to Prof Patrick Verkooijen, chief executive of the (GCA), and the new chancellor of the University of Nairobi. But Verkooijen emphasises that support and investment from the global north is essential, highlighting that 65% of the worlds uncultivated land , a continent with immense promise in its population, set to make up people globally by 2050.