Five Fragrance Trends Defining Scents For Men And Women

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five fragrance trends defining scents for men and women

This year has seen a number of revamps and risks taken in the fragrance industry. Leading these trends is a need for inclusivity led by a the pursuit of unique scents, something spotted by Zaweer Ebrahim, brand manager at Playboy.

Celebrating individuality is at the heart of fragrance trends in 2024. People are seeking scents that not only smell good but also reflect their unique personality and values, he said. Here are his top five trends to look out for on your next fragrance buy.

1. Unisex fragrances

More men and women have dropped traditional ideas of scents according to gender. Instead recent trends are leaning towards fragrances that appeal to a broader audience . It's about creating fragrances that break free from old stereotypes, and letting individuals express themselves freely.

2. Sustainability