Fintech Company Spotlights Resourceful Smes, Entrepreneurs

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iKhokha - one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Africa has partnered with Jabu Malungane to tell his story of tenacity, resilience and persistence in a new documentary. This documentary has been launched and chronicles the entrepreneurial journey of Jabu Malungane, founder of Jabu Atchar .

The current unemployment rate in South Africa stands at 32.9%. However, some analysts argue that this figure significantly underestimates the true extent of unemployment, as it fails to capture the dynamic informal sectors activity.

Township economies

In recent years, there has been increasing acknowledgment of the potential within township economies. In South Africas vibrant townships, resourceful entrepreneurs are crafting a new economic narrative. These individuals are not merely business owners; they are pivotal contributors to local development and employment.

Despite the persistent challenges faced by SMEs, including limited access to funding, inadequate infrastructure, restricted market entry, escalating crime rates, and a convoluted regulatory landscape, entrepreneurs like Malungane persevere. They demonstrate remarkable resilience and innovation, often reshaping their business strategies to navigate their surroundings effectively.