Expert: Alternative Medicine Can Be Used For Immunisation

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expert alternative medicine can be used for immunisation
Expert: Alternative Medicine Can Be Used For Immunisation

Professor Benjamin Amodu, a researcher of phytomedicine, is urging Nigeria to include alternative and complementary vaccines to reduce the number of children aged 12-23 months who did not receive full or no vaccination at all.

He made this call while speaking with journalists at his Alternative Medicines Hospital in Abuja.

Reacting to a 2021 Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey/National Immunisation Survey Coverage, MICS/NICS, which revealed that among children aged 12-23 months in Nigeria, 17.8 percent did not receive the recommended routine vaccination, with 51.9 percent receiving full immunisation for the basic antigens in urban areas, he said with the inclusion of alternative medicine, this gap would be closed fast.

"We are grateful to the World Health Organisation, WHO, for making it possible for Alternative and Complementary Medicine to grow alongside modern medicine. l say this because of the alternative medicines that I am involved in, most have preventive and curative properties so they can be used as vaccines too.

"Contrary to what some persons are saying that a drug must be in an injection form to be able to serve as a vaccine, vaccines can be in both oral or injectable, and this I have demonstrated recently with our vaccine for HIV which we tested with a renowned University in Nigeria here and it worked successfully. So I will say that if we make use more of our alternative medicine, most of these challenges our under 5 children are having will be highly reduced," he said.

Speaking further he added: "Are you aware that Nigeria's maternal mortality rate is the 4th highest globally at 576 per 100,000 live births; while approximately 262,000 babies die at birth thereby putting us at second highest globally? While should these lives be allowed to perish when we have the natural solution in abundance?" Amodu asked.

Triune Biblical University's Professor of Phytomedicine therefore called for an increase in the immunisation rate and immediately closed the gap of the little children who die because they have no access to Immunisation.

"What we are calling for is to increase our immunisation by alternative medicines on board so that we can save the situation.

Responding to how he sources the raw materials for his products, he said: "Our food crops, our vegetables are where I get my formulation from because I don't use any plant or herb that cannot and is not consumed by humans. Most of the people that are on chronic diseases, this is what we're using to save them.

"So let us let us re-evaluate ourselves. God has given us everything from the Garden of Eden so we already have everything. All that is left is the research that is the research and that is where we are now, standing in the gap to do the research," he concluded.

It would be recalled that Professor Amodu, a 1980 Industrial Pharmacy graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, has a cure for malaria evaluated by the WHO in conjunction with the United Nations and found to be very effective in both its vaccine and curative properties with about 97 percent efficacy, beating chloroquine and daraprim.