Executive Bill On New Minimum Wage To Be Sent To National Assembly Soon - Tinubu

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executive bill on new minimum wage to be sent to national assembly soon tinubu
Executive Bill on New Minimum Wage to be Sent to National Assembly Soon - Tinubu

President Ahmed Bola Tinubu has announced that the Executive Bill on the new minimum wage will soon be sent to the National Assembly for consideration to enshrine the agreed-upon wage as part of the countrys law for the next five years or less.

The President made the announcement on Wednesday in Abuja during his Democracy Day nationwide address.

According to President Tinubu, We have negotiated in good faith and with open arms with organised labour on a new national minimum wage. We shall soon send an executive bill to the National Assembly to enshrine what has been agreed upon as part of our law for the next five years or less.

The President also emphasis his commitment to listening to the people, stating, As we continue to reform the economy, I shall always listen to the people and will never turn my back on you.

In the same vein, he highlighted the governments approach to labour relations, saying, In the face of labours call for a national strike, we did not seek to oppress or crack down on the workers as a dictatorial government would have done.