Duxbury Reinforces Its Commitment To The Av-over-ip Market

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Duxbury Networking , a prominent South African distributor of networking solutions, asserts that the NETGEAR lineup of Pro AV switches furnishes professional audio/video (AV) users with high-quality, low-latency video and audio distribution across an IP network.

Business Manager for Duxbury Networking, Tobie van Schalkwyk, says With the increasing demand for sophisticated AV over IP solutions in environments like conference rooms, sports bars, and concert venues, recent years have seen an explosion in demand for a seamless, high-quality network. NETGEARs Pro AV switches, featuring a groundbreaking AV graphical user interface (GUI), simplify the deployment and management of networked AV devices to ensure outstanding performance.

Product highlights of the NETGEAR Pro AV switch range available through Duxbury include:

  • M4250 Series: Ideal for AV racks with reversible front LEDs and rear ports, offering up to 10G uplinks.
  • M4300 and M4350 Series: These models support up to 40G and 100G uplinks respectively, with redundant power supplies and active-active core capabilities, suitable for more demanding setups.
  • M4500 Series: Designed for large-scale deployments, these switches support up to 100G core configurations and are equipped with multi-chassis link aggregation (MLAG) for enhanced redundancy and performance.

Peak performance

The NETGEAR Pro AV switches are esteemed for their sturdy performance and user-friendly design, incorporating advanced features like the Engage Controller software, which streamlines the setup and administration of AV networks. This intuitive approach aids in connecting AV and IT professionals, guaranteeing peak performance across all devices. The robust software automatically identifies all NETGEAR Pro AV switches on the network for swift configurations, enabling users to effortlessly update firmware and facilitate deployment with utmost convenience.

Duxbury Networking is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. The NETGEAR Pro AV switches deliver the performance essential for a consistent user experience in the high demand professional AV market, backed up by the reliability and support expected from a global leader in network technology. adds Schalkwyk