'drunkest Bride Out There' Exposes Her Butt During The Couple's First Dance

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drunkest bride out there exposes her butt during the couples first dance

Many brides have a drink or two before their wedding to calm their nerves. This bride however had way too many and got completely sloshed on her special day.

She got so drunk that she even described herself as the drunkest bride out there in a TikTok video that has gone viral with almost 3 million views.

101 of being the drunkest bride out there, said TikToker Amanda Scheller at the start of the video showing how things went horribly wrong for her at the wedding reception.

While her poor attempt at throwing the bouquet was almost a complete fail, its what happened during the couples first wedding dance that has left TikTok viewers in stitches.

I completely forgot all the moves that we had practised, she explained.

I had a couple drinks, dipped wrong way, slinging myself, thankfully he held me up.

If the drunken moves were not bad enough, it was the grand finale that really took the cake.

Here we go, looking good, setting up, flipping... until my whole entire butt is out to moon the guests, she states.

There it is. Woo. Butt cheeks and all. Great. Thought I did the performance of a lifetime. Wow. Drunkest bride alive.

@amandascheller Failing at briding #bridefail #weddingtiktok #weddingfun ? Dance You Outta My Head - Cat Janice

The frilly dress with the slit in the front definitely didnt help the situation and the fact that she was wearing a thong left little to the imagination when her butt got exposed.