Do Indoor Cats Need Rabies Shots?

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do indoor cats need rabies shots

Pet owners want their pets healthy, including vaccinations.

Some think indoor cats are safe from rabies, but accidents happen.

Cats might sneak out and encounter infected animals.

Give rabies shots to indoor cats too to keep them safe.

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Is rabies curable in cats?

Rabies can't be cured in cats, but you can protect them before they might get it.

Some countries need pets to have rabies shots or face fines.

Vets usually start vaccinating kittens at 12-16 weeks old.

After that, cats need a booster shot every year.

If your cat gets rabies, there's no cure; they'll deteriorate.

Unvaccinated cats might need to be put down to prevent spreading and suffering.

Vaccinated cats might get a booster shot and be watched closely.

If no symptoms show after weeks, they likely didn't get the virus and stay with you.

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