Comrades Marathon Runners Who Were Hospitalised Are Doing Well

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comrades marathon runners who were hospitalised are doing well

Comrades Marathon runners have been given a near clean bill of health, with organisers confirming that most individuals who were hospitalised over the weekend have already returned home.

While it is not unusual for fatalities to be reported after the race, the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) confirmed on Tuesday that nobody died during or after Sundays 85.91km ultra-marathon in KwaZulu-Natal.

A total of 18,884 participants made it to the start in Durban and 17,313 runners reached the finish in Pietermaritzburg within the 12-hour cutoff (a 91.68% finish rate).

Among them, 555 runners received medical treatment at the finish venue at Scottsville racecourse (most of them for dehydration and exhaustion), and though 79 individuals were takento hospital for treatment, only 21 were admitted.

Recovering well

According to CMA medical convenor Jeremy Boulter, those who were admitted to hospital were doing well, and by Monday night 18 of them had been sent home.The other three were also expected to make full recoveries.